What happens at Convention?

Canada's NDP will release a full, detailed agenda closer to Convention, but it will include:

  • discussion and adoption of policy resolutions;
  • training sessions to improve our skills as activists ahead of the election;
  • election of Canada's NDP Table Officers and Federal Executive;
  • reports from various Executives, committees, and bodies; and
  • vote on whether or not to conduct a leadership review.

What accessibility measures will be at Convention?

Some accessibility initiatives you can expect at Convention are larger aisles in the plenary room, availability of ushers to provide assistance, reserved seating, mobile microphones, access to a quiet room, digital documents or print/alternative format documents by request, English and French interpretation, closed captioning services in all sessions and additional accommodations are available upon request.

If you are a delegate and have a specific accessibility request or want more details on services offered, please don’t hesitate to submit that request. Please submit requests to Canada's NDP by September 13th to ensure availability of services.


How can I attend Convention?

NDP members in Parkdale—High Park will elect Delegates to represent us at Convention at our virtual general membership meeting on Tuesday, December 14 at 7 pm.

BIPOC, persons living with disabilities, youth, Franco-Ontarians, and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities are highly encouraged to attend as Delegates, and the Parkdale—High Park is committed to ensuring our delegation reflects the diversity of our riding and to ensure a variety of voices are representing us. At least 50% of our Delegates must be women, trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals.

If you are interested in attending Convention, please nominate yourself using this form.

Delegate nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the general membership meeting.

If you would like to attend Convention, but cannot attend the local meeting on December 14, please indicate your interest using this form and someone will nominate you.

To be eligible to stand for election as a Delegate, you must be an NDP member in good standing as of December 1, 2021. If you have questions about your membership status, please email [email protected].

What are the Convention fees?

  • Early Bird Delegate (until January 10): $175
  • Regular Delegate (January 10–January 27): $225
  • Non-gainfully employed*/Unwaged/Youth 26 and under: $50
  • Alternate Delegates: $50
  • Observers (NDP Members): $50

Convention fees are eligible for a tax receipt and credit of up to 75%. Paid fees also count towards your donation limit for 2021 or 2022 (depending on when your fees are paid).

*Ontario NDP guidelines for determining eligibility for this fee is generally that the person did not pay Ontario income tax in 2020 and is based on self-identification. The Parkdale—High Park NDP believes that cost should not be a barrier to attending Convention, and offers financial assistance to elected Convention Delegates who would not otherwise be able to attend. For questions or requests, please contact Jason Wagar, Riding President, in confidence at [email protected].

If I’m an elected Delegate, how will I register?

All Delegates elected on December 14 will later receive a unique code by email from the Ontario NDP that will allow you to register for the Convention.

What is a resolution?

Resolutions can:

  • add, amend, or delete items from Ontario NDP policy,
  • amend the Party’s Constitution, or
  • have the Party make a statement on an ongoing issue.

The current provincial policy book is available here.

Resolutions should not be more than 200 words. When submitting one, please also include:

  • your name
  • a title
  • a list of which resolutions/policies it replaces or changes (if any).

How can I submit a resolution for consideration?

Before resolutions can be submitted for consideration at the Convention in February, they must be passed by our local riding association at our general membership meeting.

If you wish to submit a resolution, it must be sent to [email protected] no later than Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 11:59 pm.

What resolutions will be discussed at our local meeting on December 14?

We will compile resolutions and circulate them ahead of our meeting on December 14. The riding executive may combine similar motions and set the order with which they will be considered at the meeting on December 14.

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected].

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