We’re the Parkdale—High Park NDP.

For decades, Parkdale—High Park NDP activists have been organizing our neighbours to elect bold local leaders and to fight for progressive social change.

In the past, we've elected MP Peggy Nash and MPP Cheri DiNovo. Our current MPP is Bhutila Karpoche.



On your side

New Democrats are the leaders of progressive politics in Canada and Ontario. We are bringing the message of positive change to every corner of our province and our country, presenting real, practical alternatives that balance the needs of people, the environment, and our communities.


About the Riding Association

If you live in the riding and join the NDP, you're automatically a member of our riding association!

Riding Associations are critical to the success of the Party. They build the NDP at the local level, nominate the candidate who represents us in federal elections, and elect delegates to Federal Convention where they help formulate Party policy, and the makeup of the Party’s governing bodies: Federal Council, Federal Executive, and the Council of Federal Riding Associations.

Interested in learning more or getting involved? Send us an email!


Parkdale NDP activists protest the Ku Klux Klan entering the neighbourhood in 1980

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