Exec meeting: January 2021

The Parkdale-High Park riding association executive meets monthly, and you're welcome to join us!

Meetings typically consist of updates from our various working groups and committees, as well as discussion on the issues of the day and any new proposals. It's a great way to meet New Democrats in PHP, and to get involved in the day-to-day operations of the association.


Note: you must be a current NDP member in good standing of Parkdale-High Park in order to attend. Non-exec observers may not vote at exec meetings, but are welcome to participate in discussions as time permits. Advance registration is required in order to verify membership status.

COVID-19 Phone Bank from Home!

Our federal and provincial NDP teams are continuing to fight for a fair and just recovery from COVID-19. But it will take all of us to create strong communities that are healthy, equitable, and connected.

That’s why we’re mobilizing to hear what our neighbours need most in these times. We’re firing up a weekly digital phone bank to connect with ParkdaleHigh Park residents and talk about their vision for a COVID-19 recovery.

We've got a lot of great news to share when we call:

Jagmeet Singh's team in Ottawa played a big part in implementing the CERB, got the small business wage subsidy raised to 75%, and secured $750 in additional income support for students who are disabled or have dependents. They’ve also been fighting for a wealth tax on the ultra-rich and a guaranteed basic livable income to aid in recovery.

Bhutila Karpoche and our team at Queen’s Park have been just as busy. They put forward a bold "Save Main Street" plan to help small and medium-sized businesses, have been fighting for a safe return to school, and forced a vote on launching a full, independent public inquiry into the state of long-term care in Ontario.

You don’t need prior phone bank experience to join us on a virtual phone bank. 

We’ll run a short training at the beginning of every shift, and be available for one-on-one support throughout the calling. All you need is a stable internet connection, computer, and phone!


General Meeting: Federal Convention Resolutions

As you may have heard, the NDP Federal Convention is coming up on April 9-11.

We are calling a General Meeting of the Parkdale—High Park Federal NDP to discuss and vote on policy resolutions on Sunday, January 31, 2-4pm. This meeting will take place online, and the link will be sent once you RSVP and your membership is confirmed.

Resolutions can add, amend or delete items from NDP policy, amend the Party Constitution, direct the Party to take a specific action, or have the Party make a statement on an ongoing issue. You can access the current federal policy book here. More details on rules, formatting, and word limits can be found here.

Before resolutions can be submitted to Convention, they must be passed by our local riding association. If you wish to submit a resolution for consideration, it must be sent to info@phpndp.ca no later than January 25, 11:59pm.

We will compile resolutions and circulate them ahead of our meeting on January 31.

If you wish to attend Convention as a delegate, stay tuned — our riding’s delegate selection will happen at our AGM in late February, along with elections for next year’s Executive.


Note: you must be a current NDP member in good standing of Parkdale-High Park in order to attend and vote. Advance registration is required in order to verify membership status. Unfortunately, due to our online meeting/voting platform, non-voting observers are not allowed at this time.

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