NDP: Why is Ford keeping Therme’s Ontario Place deal a secret?

QUEEN’S PARK – Official Opposition Leader Marit Stiles joined MPPs Chris Glover (Spadina—Fort York), Jennifer French (Oshawa), and Bhutila Karpoche (Parkdale—High Park) to raise concerns about the rushed and secretive deal that the Ford government handed over to Therme for Ontario Place.

“Ontarians know a bad deal when they see one,” said Stiles. “A 95-year long lease that we know nothing about handed over to a European luxury spa corporation so they can privatize precious public park land. Nothing about this deal makes sense, and something smells fishy.” 

“Ontario Place is beloved by members of my community, who are working hard to stop this government from handing it over to a private European company,” added Glover, who represents the local riding where Ontario Place is located. “They are worried this government is plowing ahead, ripping out trees and destroying habitats... and we don’t even know the full costs to taxpayers.” 

“What is the true cost to the taxpayer to support Therme’s project?” asked French, who is the Official Opposition's Infrastructure critic. “The Premier needs to be clear and honest about the cost of infrastructure upgrades and servicing required to let Therme build their mega spa. How much taxpayer money is Ford promising to Therme to make this privatization project possible?” 

"What has Ford signed the people of Ontario up for?” asked Karpoche, the NDP’s GTA Issues critic. “Why won’t the Premier release the details of the 95-year-long lease with Therme? Is this another shady deal that’s tapping into the public coffers to benefit private interests? It’s not just Torontonians, people across Ontario wants to know.” 

This week, the NDP tabled a motion to terminate the lease with Therme at Ontario Place. It is expected to go to a vote in the Legislature on Monday, October 16. 

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