Horwath urges provincial funding to cap classes

Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement in response to the announcement of federal funding for the return to school, and Doug Ford’s choice not to use those funds to shrink class sizes:

“It’s gut-wrenching for families and educators that Doug Ford continues to choose crowded classrooms instead of smaller, safer classes.

After today’s federal education funding announcement, Ford quickly threw cold water on any hope parents and educators had that he would replace his risky back-to-school scheme with a plan for a safe September. It’s clear from how he intends to spend the federal funds that Ford is digging in his heels — he won’t use the federal money to shrink class sizes for everyone, and he won’t chip in the funding needed to cap class sizes for everyone.

Ford should have funded smaller, safer classes months ago and gotten to work on making it happen in time for September. If I were premier, I’d be matching this funding, and then some, to cap all class sizes.”

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