What is a resolution?

Resolutions can:

  • Amend or delete existing policy from the policy book
  • Add new policy from the policy book
  • Amend the Party Constitution
  • Direct the Party to take a specific action (e.g. run a campaign, research an issue, develop a policy)
  • Have the Party make a statement on an on-going event or issue

You may wish to consult with the current federal policy book before drafting resolutions.

What is the format of a resolution?

  • Keep the “Whereas Clause” to no more than 50 words. “Whereas Clauses” simply set up a rationale for adopting a particular policy/amendment/direction; they do not constitute the policy/amendment/direction itself
  • The “Be it Resolved” section must be short and concise and under 100 words — this is the section which constitutes the policy/amendment/direction

How can I submit a resolution for consideration?

Before resolutions can be submitted to Convention, they must be passed at a General Meeting of our local electoral district association.

If you wish to submit a resolution for consideration, complete this form by August 3, 2023 at 11:59pm. 

What resolutions will be discussed at our local meeting on August 9?

We will compile resolutions and circulate them ahead of our meeting on August 9. The Chair of the meeting may combine similar motions, rule duplicative motions out of order, and will create an agenda that outlines the order in which motions will be considered for the meeting on August 9.

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