The pandemic has shown Canadians the cost of government inaction and neglect. We’ve seen devastating losses of loved ones in long-term care centres across the country.

Our parents and grandparents built this country. And as they age, they deserve to live in comfort and safety. And we deserve to know that our parents and grandparents are safe.

Yet because of decades of cuts, underfunding and privatization by successive Liberal and Conservative governments, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of thousands of Canadians in long-term care homes.

Justin Trudeau made a promise to long-term care workers, residents, and their families to better fund long-term care before he was Prime Minister. Instead, he failed them by underfunding health care and by protecting the profits of big corporations and their wealthy shareholders.

Nobody should be profiting off the care of our seniors.

The NDP's Care Guarantee for our loved ones is:

  • A commitment to our loved ones that they will have safe, dignified care – both at home and in care homes – available to them as they age.
  • A commitment to families that they can count on their loved ones receiving the care they deserve, with inspections, appropriate levels of care and staff ratios.
  • A commitment to workers who care for our loved ones that they will get a living wage, benefits, and the safe and secure work environment that they deserve

Join us in calling on Justin Trudeau’s government to immediately take the profit out of long-term care and fix the broken system.

Will you sign?

Profits don't belong in long term care. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP team will introduce a care guarantee

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